Dragonless Dungeons: An introduction

Dragonless Dungeons: Reviews for the OSR Community

The lack of review blogs in the OSR has been the source of some discussion lately. While many of you may not recognize me, I have been a quiet participant in the community for about five years now. I have long resisted starting a blog due to costs and commitment, but now is the time for me to give back a bit. 

The blog is a little bare-bones right now, but in the coming weeks I will be building it out and improving. So tune back in for more content.

Review procedure:

In my reviews I try to take an unbiased stance to deliver helpful reviews to inform. My reviews attempt to go beyond simple positive or negative. My reviews don't have ratings, thumbs up/down, or buy/don't buy. Instead, I attempt to identify who should purchase a product and who shouldn't by reviewing from a lens of usability for different types of GMs and campaigns. If I think that a product is bad, and is not a quality resource for anyone, I won't review it.

I want to make something perfectly clear. If I review a product on this blog, I like the product. I do not review things that I do not like or do not think are worth purchasing. That does not mean the review will be without criticism, that's what reviews are.

If you have a review request, or want me to review your product, leave me a message and I will see what I can do.

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